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Peru - Amazonas Monte Verde

PriceFrom $6.00
100 Grams
  • Bringing together 250 farmers from areas around Amazonas, Peru, Rodriguez de Mendoza, Café Monteverde is a producer group offering their own Finca Timbuyacu as a model for members to learn methods of better cultivation and processing to enhance their harvest.

    The meticulous selection process delivers the promised profile, representing the Rodriguez de Mendoza region. Reminiscent of berry syrup, it has a sugary, fruit forwarded profile.

    Each cherry is handpicked selectively to be pulped manually or automatically, making sure only ripe cherry is picked. After fermenting the coffee, it is washed and dried on cement pads, roofs, pallets, or trays. The whole process takes into consideration the minute details to deliver top-notch coffees.

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