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About US

Padma is a vision of passion for coffee and everything it entails. Through selecting the finest coffee beans and roasting them to the highest standards, we offer all coffee aficionados out there the chance to brew a smooth and rich cup of java. 

The name Padma (Sanskrit for lotus) came out of admiration for the lotus flower and its history across cultures. A symbol of purity, the lotus flower emerges from murky waters with clean petals. The specialty coffee we serve transcends the art of coffee creation and promises the purity, exoticness and fragrancy of the lotus flower. 

We simply serve nirvana in a cup.

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Our mission is to craft roast and serve premium quality coffee while maintaining an educational role about the wonders of coffee, from cultivation to brewing.


We aspire to instill the passion for coffee in every person, one bean at a time.

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