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Colombia - Fincamigos

PriceFrom $10.00
100 Grams
  • Fincamigos is an experimental farm operated by Cafexport. The farm functions as a trial garden, where they develop new methods for growing exotic coffee varieties. They are also exploring the possibilities of growing coffee in more socially and environmentally sustainable ways. The varieties produced by the farm consist of the most widely cultivated coffee varieties, including Sudanese Rume, Geisha and Tabi. All these varieties are known for their high scores and complex flavor profiles. At Fincamigos these high quality coffees are grown in their natural environment where they receive the best treatment to deliver their full flavor potential. At the end of all these achievements, notes of strawberry, chocolate and honey dance in harmony in the glasses.

    Cafexport grows a number of high quality varieties in Fincamigos. They also produced the first lots of Geisha, Tabi and Sudanese Rume in 2020 and the first lots of Laurina in 2021. Fincamigos has planted more than 650 native trees in 4 hectares of forests to protect the forests. These native species help revive the ecosystem and create a habitat for the migratory birds that pass through the area each year.

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